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Product Description :

"Stop trying to make Christmas a carb," But seriously, with our "Is Christmas a Carb? Christmas Bella Graphic Tee," you can celebrate the holiday season in style, and there's no carb-counting required. This tee is the ultimate expression of festive cheer, adding a dash of sass and humor to your holiday wardrobe.

Key Features :

- Iconic Design: The 'Is Christmas a Carb?' graphic is seriously iconic. It's all about embracing the holiday spirit with a side of wit and humor. You'll be the Regina George of Christmas fashion in this tee!
- Print Perfection: The print color is seriously on point, adding major pop and pizzazz to your outfit. It's, like, the only choice for embracing Christmas with a dash of sass.
- Bella's Got Your Back: Our Bella Graphic Tee is, like, made from the most comfortable materials. It's soft, breathable, and designed to keep you looking fierce all season long.

Size and Fit Guide :

- XS: For those who are, like, XS in spirit but XL in style.
- S: For the ones who are as stylish as they are sassy.
- M: Because you're, like, the queen bee of fashion.
- L: For the ones who are too glam to give a damn.
- XL: Because you're so fetch, it's practically a fashion crime.
- 2XL: For the ones who are, like, too fab for words.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Features :

- Printing Perfection: Our 'Is Christmas a Carb? Christmas Bella Graphic Tee' is, like, meticulously printed using Direct-to-Garment (DTG) magic. This means your print will stay as flawless as your hair, honey!
- Care Like a Queen Bee: To keep that print looking fierce, machine wash your tee inside out with cold water and mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry. Bleach? As if!
- Eco-Friendly and Fabulous: Our DTG printing process uses, like, eco-friendly inks. So you're not just looking fab, you're saving the planet, too. How fetch is that?

So, whether you're counting carbs or just indulging in the holiday spirit, the 'Is Christmas a Carb? Christmas Bella Graphic Tee' is the ultimate choice for celebrating in style. Order yours today and slay the season, because it's a carb-free Christmas miracle!

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