About Us

Welcome to Limeberry Designs! I’m so happy you are here and checking out our website!👀

Hi, I’m Dana! I started Limeberry in 2013, working from home while my two girls were in school. I wanted to contribute to our family and travel fund as we LOVE to explore the world God gave us. Our favorite places include the beach and mountains! Time together as a family is a high priority for my husband, Kevin, and me.

Kevin is my biggest supporter and pitches in when needed and as his schedule allows. Every once in a while, he sneaks away his job to deliver snacks and lunches to the Limeberry Warehouse. He’s the best at bringing chocolate! My two daughters both work at Limeberry and compete in synchronized figure skating. They are pretty awesome teenagers and are such a blessing to me.

You’ll find the Limeberry Warehouse in Oswego, IL, a small town about an hour from Chicago. We moved here last summer from a smaller warehouse because we needed more space to grow and meet the demand of our awesome customers! Yay!!! Thank you!!

I have learned so much from being a business owner and boss. Here are a few of my high values: Quality Apparel, Great Customer Service, Honesty, Flexibility, and Giving Back! But let’s be real- I strive for the above values but know my team, and I make mistakes; we are real people, but we learn from them and hopefully correct our errors the best we can. 

There is much more to learn about Limeberry, so check out our Team Page and Behind the Scenes on Tik Tok and Insta Reels! We LOVE hearing from our customers, so tag us, comment or just say “Hey Limeberry!!” on our social!

Thank you for supporting us, and we hope to meet you one day digitally or at a Limeberry Warehouse sale!