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  • August 15, 2019 3 min read

    Packing for a vacation can be so stressful! You always have good intentions of getting an early start, but it always seems like everything comes down to the last minute.

    Whether you are an over-packer... Hello 15 pairs of underwear for a 3 day trip! Or whether you tend to forget your underwear entirely, we've put together a few tips to help make packing for your vacation easier - and maybe even enjoyable!

    Here are 14 great tips to ease the stress of packing!

    • Start with a packing list. Categorize it into sections including Clothing/Accessories, Toiletries, Miscellaneous, and Carry on. Check items off as you pack them.

    • Be sure to check the airline baggage fee policy.  Different airlines have different fees and policies, so be sure to check ahead of time! 

    • Roll your clothes, use packing cubes, compression bags or even Ziplocs in a pinch! Not only will this keep you more organized and make great use of space, rolling clothes actually causes less wrinkles!

    • Decide what you need and cut it in half. How many times have you left for a 7 day trip and brought 32 outfits just in case? You’re not alone! Pare it down. Bring pieces that you can mix and match. You’ll thank yourself later. 

    • Check the weather of your destination. If you need to bring extra clothes because of cold temperatures, wear layers on the plane. This will free up space in your luggage.

    • Keep liquids in a see through plastic bag or Ziploc.  This will keep them away from your other items in case they were to leak. Don’t bring full size bottles. Pack travel sizes. If you decide to put liquids in your carry on, make sure they are no bigger than 3.4 ounces and are in a clear quart sized bag.

    • Avoid unwanted odors. Put a dryer sheet in your luggage to avoid that “weird clothes smell” your clothes can get when traveling.

    • Use name tags!!  If your luggage doesn’t come with one, attach one of your own or attach one at the airport when you check your bags. You’ll be so thankful that you did if your luggage is lost in transit!

    • Minimize the shoes! This is a hard one!! Go for versatility over volume. Bring pairs that can be easily mixed and matched with several different outfits. You can also put shoes in a disposable shower cap to keep your other items clean.

    • Don't forget your $$ and ID. Double check and triple check that you have your essentials with you in your carry on for easy access. This includes, money, a valid passport/ID, credit cards, jewelry, and electronics. 

    • Leave extra space! Don't over pack on the way TO your destination, leave some space in your luggage for any purchases that you might make while traveling.  

    • Try and weigh your luggage at home before getting to the airport and finding out you are 2 lbs over the limit. It’s super embarrassing to be pulling things out of your luggage to stuff into your carry on at baggage check.  If you have a scale, weigh yourself first, then pick up your bag and step on the scale again. The difference is roughly what your bag weighs. 

    • Double check the list! Make sure to review your list the night before or the morning of to make sure you didn’t forget anything! It is not uncommon to leave things out because you will use it in the morning before leaving.

    Most importantly, have a wonderful trip and safe travels!