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  • August 15, 2019 2 min read

    The hot, sunny summer days are here!!  Long days in the sun call for some refreshing drinks. There are few things better than relaxing in the sun with friends and enjoying an amazing cocktail!  

    Here are a few of our favs!

    Frosted Limeberry Spritzer (Non alcoholic)

    Don’t you just love the name??  We do too!! This one is first on our list for obvious reasons!

    For all the pregnant mamas or anyone who might just want to enjoy a cocktail without the alcohol. This one is so refreshing!

    Make a simple blueberry syrup. This can be done ahead of time. 

    In a  small saucepan, simmer 2 cups of water, 2 cups of blueberries, and 1 cup of sugar until it’s syrup like. 

    Pour the simple blueberry syrup over ice. Fill the rest of your glass with your favorite sparkling water. Lemon, lime and mandarin orange are great! 

    Squeeze in some fresh lime, stir and ENJOY!

    Coconut Rum Punch

    This one is sweet but so so good! If you love coconut, you’ll love this!

    • 1 cup coconut rum of choice
    • 2 cups orange juice
    • 2 cups pineapple juice
    • 2 cups ginger ale
    • 1 cup grenadine or cherry syrup

    Use oranges, lemon slices and/or maraschino cherries for garnish.

    Cherry Beer-garitas 

    If you’re a beer lover and a margarita lover, this one’s for you!  A slight twist on your traditional margarita, this is a must-try!

    • 1 12oz can frozen limeade
    • 12 oz can of sprite or lime soda
    • 1 packet cherry or cherry lime drink mix
    • 2 bottles of Corona or beer of choice.
    • ¼ cup tequila of choice
    • Salt and sugar for coating the rim of  your glass.

    Vodka Lemonade 

    This is an all time classic and crowd pleaser! You can use regular lemonade or a flavored lemonade (raspberry is great too!)  You could even make your own homemade lemonade and squeeze fresh lemons.

    Mix your favorite lemonade with your favorite vodka. You control the amounts! You can always add sugar to the rim of your glass for a little extra sweetness.

    If you want to be a little extra, make them into popsicles! Just make sure the kids don’t get a hold of them!

    Sometimes everything just seems better on a stick!