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2019 Back-To-School Trends :: What Styles To Look For This School Year - Limeberry Designs

2019 Back-To-School Trends :: What Styles To Look For This School Year

Do you remember some of the styles and trends that were in when you were younger? High waisted jeans, jelly shoes, parachute pants, Swatch watches and tons of Aqua Net hairspray were the coolest when I was growing up. It’s fun to watch some of these trends come back around and also nice to know that some of them never made their way back!

  • Boots: Ankle booties are in right now and can be styled in many ways. You can see them being paired with cropped jeans, shorts and even dresses and skirts. They are very versatile and there are tons of styles out there to fit all budgets. You may even see combat style boots like Doc Martens making a comeback as well. These are easy to transition from early fall to winter. Oh the memories!!

  • Mom Jeans: Mom jeans are still in while it seems like skinny jeans are on the way out! Comfort seems to be the key here. “Thrifting” has become popular and second hand clothing stores are popular since it’s easy to find some of these trends with very affordable price tags! 

  • Animal Prints: Animal print and snakeskin is also hot right now too! You can see this everywhere from regular everyday clothes to workout clothes and even shoes! These statement pieces can be used to dress up plain casual outfits.

  • Classic Sneakers: A classic pair of sneakers is still showing up on this years back to school trends. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Converse or Vans and you will continue to see them this year!

  • Pouches are the new purses! Forget lugging around a huge purse! Multi purpose pouches hold everything from student ID’s, cash, pens and small toiletries. Easy to throw into a backpack and less to carry!

  • Bento Boxes: Gone are the days of metal lunchboxes. Bento style boxes are what’s in this year with separate compartments to make for a mess free meal! They are sturdy and hold up great !

Trends and styles will come and go so no matter what, stay true to yourself!  Just be YOU!!

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